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Tailored Velvet Paper

Parameters of Tailored Velvet Paper

Soft touch paper is a kind of paper with velvety feel that is more complex to manufacture, but better printed. Commonly used in the premium packaging industry, such as jewelry, watch, electronic, cosmetic, etc.

Additional information


dyed paper




787 x 1092mm, 889 x 1194mm, length could be customized

Normal Weight

120g, 150g, 185g, 230g





Coating Side

One side, Double Sides

Pulp Material

Wood Pulp


Eco-friendly and aqueous material

Details about Tailored Velvet Paper

Soft touch paper is a kind of paper with velvet touch. The processing technology is more complicated, but the printing effect is better. Commonly used in high-end packaging industry.

The main characters are as below:

  1. Smooth and delicate hand feel, with obvious heavy feeling, not inferior materials that fade like wax;
  2. High grade with full color, no traces of dots left by the intaglio plate;
  3. Weather resistance, scratch resistance, folding resistance, color change, light change, solvent resistance. Whether it is packaging or printing, first of all, the color cannot be faded, and the lack of color does not reflect the grade and elegance of this paper. In particular, the weather resistance is not strong, such as: weak scratch resistance can easily lead to abrasion of the finished product, bursting due to foldability, discoloration under natural light or light, and it will become a painted face when the product is displayed, and the solvent resistance is not strong. In packaging and printing production At the same time, the cleaning problem cannot be avoided, which will lead to the scrapping of semi-finished products during production and increase the loss.
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