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Colorful Dyed Paper

Parameters of Colorful Dyed Paper

Dyed paper, mainly used for specialty paper dyeing processing, making a variety of colors of paper.

Additional information


dyed paper




787 x 1092mm, 889 x 1194mm, length could be customized

Normal Weight

120g, 150g, 185g, 230g





Pulp Material

Wood Pulp


Eco-friendly and aqueous material

Details about Colorful Dyed Paper

Dyeing base paper, mainly used for specialty paper dyeing and processing, to make paper of various colors, it is always stocked as a reel, which is convenient for subsequent processing.

The surface is not glued and can be used for dyeing and impregnation. It is processed, dyed and softened into a variety colored paper, which is the raw material for pearl paper, embossed paper, soft touch paper and so on. Its characteristics are that the surface is smooth, color is saturated and bright after dyeing, it is not easy to fade, easy to glue and paste, paper can be completely dyed, which keeps the box lines are neat and beautiful.

Uses: Widely used in gift packaging boxes, notebooks, bound books, and other packaging decorative wrapper.

Normal weight: 100-300g/㎡

Size: 787 x 1092mm, 889 x 1194mm, length could be customized

Color: Tailored

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