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Black Paper Card

Parameters of Black Paper Card

Colored paper is cardstock with different colors on it, red is called red cardstock, green is called green cardstock, and black is called black cardstock.

Additional information


dyed paper




787 x 1092mm, 889 x 1194mm, length could be customized

Normal Weight

120g, 150g, 185g, 230g





Pulp Material

wood pulp, environmentally friendly pulp

Details about Black Paper Card

According to the different raw materials, black cardboard is mainly divided into two main categories: all wood pulp black cardboard and environmentally friendly pulp black cardboard.

All wood pulp black cardboard is made from raw wood pulp which is with high stiffness, perfect smoothness and flatness, strong tensile strength, two-sided color without color difference, the middle sandwich part of the color is black, PH is neutral, environmentally friendly dyes, 100% recyclable, pollution-free, grams of a molding 80-700g, more than 700g can be laminated. Standard sizes are 787 * 1092mm and 889 * 1194mm.

All wood pulp black cardboard is generally used in products with higher quality requirements, such as: high-end gift boxes, handbags, clothing hang tags, etc.

The second is environmentally friendly pulp black cardboard, made from U.S. waste wood pulp production, environmentally friendly dyes, with high stiffness, strong tensile strength, etc., recyclable, non-polluting. Environmental pulp black cardboard is divided into single-sided permeable black cardboard, double-sided permeable black cardboard, permeable black cardboard, gray back single-sided black cardboard.

Double-sided permeable black cardboard is characterized by colorless front and back color, the center sandwich part of the color is also black, a molding of the gram weight range of 80-500g, more than 500g could be laminated.

Single-sided permeable black cardboard is characterized by the color difference between the front and back sides, the reverse side is not as black as the front side, not as smooth as the front side, and the color of the center sandwich is also black, the weight range of one molding is 180G-800G, over 850G can be laminated.

permeable black cardboard is generally used in electronic gaskets, gift boxes, tote bags, albums, clothing tags, etc., it is more cost-effective.

Grey backed single-sided black cardboard with a black surface and a black-gray back, generally used for laminating, with a molding of the gram weight range of 250G-400G. High gram weights will require laminating processing.

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