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Not only we are good at R&D specialty paper, but our blog posts are also maintained at a high level, these posts are not to be missed.

Application of specialty paper in packaging

Designers must understand and master the characteristics and properties of different specialty paper in order to better use their advantages and design works in various different styles.

Is Eco-friendly Paper Recycled Paper?

The biggest difference between eco-friendly paper and recycled paper is that the raw materials. Recycled paper uses waste paper, while eco-friendly paper using wood pulp.

What are the types of leatherette paper?

According to the material, leatherette paper can be divided into domestic leatherette paper, impregnated leatherette paper, PVC leatherette paper and PU leatherette paper.

Soft Touch Paper for Premium Packaging

Soft touch paper is a kind of paper with velvety feel that is more complex to manufacture, but better printed. Commonly used in the premium packaging industry.

How to bind a notebook?

Have you ever paid attention to the notebooks you use on a daily basis and how they are bound? Whether the notebooks are customized or sold?